Does iPhone 6 have Siri?

Siri is the name of the voice-activated “smart assistant” application and service that Apple acquired, improved and integrated first with the iPhone 4s. Supports all subsequent iPhone models, as well as iPads and iPod touch released after the iPhone 4s. Does iPhone 6 have Siri?

Siri iPhone, iPad and iPod touch supported

All modern iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices support Siri. Chances are good that your device supports it. If Siri does not activate after pressing and holding the Home button (or say “Hey, Siri”), the function is probably disabled and not supported.

How to activate Siri on iPhone 6

When you first go through the process of registering a new iPhone, setting your location, using iCloud, etc., at some point you will see this screen.

To activate Siri at this point, just tap Use Siri. When you start using the phone, the iPhone reminds you to use Siri by displaying a message. If you did not activate Siri during the registration process, you can use Settings to enable Siri by following these steps:

  • Select the Settings icon on the home screen. You will see setting options.
  • Select General and then tap Siri. A dialog box will appear.
  • In the dialog, tap the On switch. On / Off to turn on Siri. Siri will come to life!
  • If you want to change the language used by Siri, tap Language. Select a different language from the displayed list.
  • To change the gender of Siri’s voice from female to male, tap Gender. Tap on Man.
Does iPhone 6 have Siri?

If you want to be able to activate the Siri speakerphone (new feature in iOS 8), tap the Voice activation switch to activate it. When the iPhone is connected to a power outlet, car or computer, say “Hey Siri” and Siri will open, ready for the command. In addition, thanks to voice recognition, Siri displays what you hear when you speak, so you can check immediately if he understood you. This streaming feature speeds up the entire interaction process with Siri.

If you want Siri to answer your requests verbally only when the iPhone is not in your hands, tap Voice feedback and select Handsfree only.

Here’s how this setting works and why you should use it: In general, if you are holding an iPhone, you can read the answers on the screen, so you may not want the phone to speak to you aloud. But there may be times when your hands are full and in such situations it would be good if Siri read you.

Siri is only available on iPhones 4s and newer with Internet access, and Siri can check data sources online. In addition, Apple warns that available features may vary by region.

Application of Siri in the real world

Because Siri is free, there is no real reason not to play with it, but based on years of practical use, Siri usually works well in a quiet room for basic tasks such as sending a text message, sending an email, or establishing a telephone connection with a contact from the list. This functionality alone is much better than typing on a small display for many people.

Siri’s future

Ultimately, Siri is useful, although she is sometimes frustrating and sometimes quite impressive. This is unlikely to be the primary way to use an Apple device, but it saves time on many specific tasks.



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