Can I become an accountant without a degree?

Taking such a big step to change your career is difficult. You have many options. You can go to college / university, vocational school or you can start working immediately and take online courses. Accountancy is a popular professional choice because of its flexibility and ease of entry. Can I become an accountant without a degree?

Minimum educational requirements in accounting

I’m sure you already know that CPA credentials are regulated by individual states, which means that each country sets its own requirements and rules for the certification process. Here’s a general tip on how these CPA requirements usually work.

Most states require CPA candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting to take the exam, but not everyone. This means that you must sit for the exam in one of these states.

Accounting options without a degree

If you’re looking for a new career in accounting, try accounting while becoming an accountant or auditor. These professions do not require any post-secondary education. When you look at job applications, you can still see employers recommending a diploma. Anyway, I would advise you to apply if you have the skills and you can prove it.

If you do not feel confident applying for a job that determines your degree, look for job offers that value experienced employees with proven skills.

Accountants perform standard tasks, such as counting transactions in the book of accounts or entering them into the payroll and liabilities list. You’ll usually use databases and spreadsheets to prepare financial statements and reports.

Accountants are not that different from an accountant, but they usually work for larger employers who specialize in a particular area, such as payrolls. Audit officials check accounts thoroughly, and correct and report bugs.

Can I become an accountant without a degree?

Accounting is not rocket science

First of all, be sure that you do not have to study for 4 years to become an accountant. It is absolutely good for training to be an accountant without any education in accounting, finance, business or numbers.

In my experience, accounting is a set of principles that is best taught at work. To gain solid skills, you can start as an accountant or junior accountant responsible for preparing accounting entries in each reporting cycle. It’s a great way to learn the basics of this discipline.

Choose an accounting specialization

A career in accounting can be divided into two key areas: management accounting and financial accounting. These departments include further specialized areas, such as budget and financial analysis, and work as a controller.

Unlike financial accounting, management accounting is not required by law and covers only specific products, while financial accounting covers the entire organization. Most graduates start accounting through financial accounting, which can provide a variety of career perspectives, such as:

  • revision
  • debt collection and insolvency of enterprises
  • corporate finance
  • court accounting
  • tax.



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