Are online degrees worth anything?

The world of online learning has entered the mainstream in recent years. About 80 percent of universities currently offer at least some online classes, and students are continuing more than two years of two-year, four-year and advanced online degrees. Are online degrees worth anything?

Perception of degree online

The question of whether an online diploma has less value than a traditional diploma has been smoldering for years. While online courses certainly have advantages and disadvantages compared to their traditional counterparts, employers ‘watchdogs’ – receptionists, human resource recruiters and resuming screening – are usually most worried about the reputation and quality of an educational institution.

A 2013 study entitled ‘The market value of online diplomas as a credible statement’ contains the following conclusions:

  • Employers generally think that classroom education is more reliable than online education
  • The employer’s approach to online education is much more positive if the employer has experience in online education
  • Employers are not sure about employing candidates with online diplomas.

Another 2013 study confirmed that 56% of employers still value traditional classroom education over online courses, indicating that they prefer a candidate with a traditional high school diploma to a candidate with an online college degree.

Are online degrees worth anything?

What study programs can you complete online?

Good news. Online study programs are growing faster than traditional study programs, and more and more universities are joining them. You will most likely find the option of online classes at a two-year college or a public four-year college, where approximately 90 percent of the institutions offer online courses.

Chances are you want to get an academic, bachelor, master or professional degree, you can find an online program that matches your field of study.

Two types of school offer online degrees. One of them is an internet-only college like the University of Phoenix. Another type is a physical campus college that includes online educational programs.

Are online studies easier than on campus programs?

Probably not. Will access to courses be more convenient? Absolutely. Will online education allow you to participate in programs that were not available to you in the past? Almost certainly. But the normal stressors associated with obtaining a college diploma apply equally to campus and online programs, and adding school dates to work and family calendars means work.

Online programs offer convenience and flexibility, but you still have to spend time weekly reviewing training materials, attending classes, completing required tasks, and preparing for exams.

Can online studies give you a job?

Will every online degree be accepted by every employer? No, but we can’t guarantee that for university degrees. Trends in partnerships with employers, the expected increase in demand for online programs, and the need for online learning options in emerging industries are leaning towards greater acceptance of online education in general.



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